Market Opportunity

According to a 2014 article in The Washington Post: “There were 76 million people born between the years 1946 and 1964, the traditional window for the baby boom generation. That means that they will retire over a 19-year period. Simple math shows that 76 divided by 19 is 4 million, or almost 11,000 people a day.”

These statistics represent an enormous target market for our product. This is an opportunity that speaks for itself. We find ourselves at the intersection of a massive need and a product that meets that need exactly.

It is not simply enough, however, to have a strong market and a suitable product. Sophisticated marketing is the key ingredient for success. We are fortunate to have access to the final expense industry’s most powerful marketing platform: a consistent supply of fresh, branded, qualified and exclusive sales leads.


The final expense insurance industry is a leads driven business. Without fresh, branded, qualified and exclusive leads, it is incredibly difficult for a sales agent to differentiate his or her product and stand out in a competitive marketplace. This is a challenge that our agents overcome with ease due to the strength of our lead program.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company operates an in-house leads program with nationwide reach, utilizing a variety of media including broadcast television, direct mail and digital marketing. The result is a consistent flow of premium leads, created by prospective clients who are actively seeking our branded final expense insurance product. In addition, an exclusive pre-approach letter is sent out to every prospect. As a result, each potential client is reached twice before being contacted by their assigned agent. Family Heritage Group is proud to be able to offer these extremely valuable leads to our agents, as they are the key component to our agent’s personal success.

Sales Support

  • 1-on-1 Field Training with an experienced producer provided by Family Heritage Group.
  • Ongoing coaching on best sales practices provided by Family Heritage Group.
  • A local manager, regional agency and Home Office are all able to assist with all sales and underwriting inquiries. You’ll never have a question go unanswered.
  • Field agents can communicate directly with the Underwriting Department.
  • Literature and visual aids to assist the presentation.
  • Interest-free financing for leads.


  • Commissions are advanced the next business day upon receipt of application and live check.
  • Health & Dental insurance benefits available for qualifying producers.
  • Exotic incentive trips, production contests and bonuses.